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Fledglings 2

Michael McEvoy
Width: 36cm
Height: 46cm
OilOil on canvas

About the artwork

Self portrait of me as a youngster.As a child there was so many questions, fears and uncertainties, what if ? just say ? why is ? They all seemed so pressing, urgent that it seemed I needed the answers there and then or something dramatic would occur.I rarely got the answers but as the years rolled by I figured out a few, "life's mysteries", Grandad used to say.He said " put the bird back where you found it " and sure enough the parents heard its cry and coaxed it into the bramble for safety."How did you know to do that Grandad" ?  "Life's experiences" he said.

About the artist

semi realistic/impressionist
I studied art at Belfast School of Art and at Manchester and Nottingham where I was the first art and design technician in the United Kingdom for the City Technology Colleges at The Djanogly C.T.C college. While...