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Fees policy

Our Fees

These fees are incorporated into Go Figurative’s Conditions of Use and Sale and are the fees that a Community Member is charged upon a successful sale of artwork that has been made available for sale on www.gofigurative.com and subsequently sold through the website - a Website Sale.

Our Sales Commission for Website Sales

Where a sale is successfully achieved through the website, Go Figurative charges a Sales Commission.

The Sales Commission for sales through the website is 35% of the sale price of the artwork. This Sales Commission includes VAT that Go Figurative must charge artists on its commission.  This is equivalent to a commission rate of 29.16% plus VAT at 20%.

You may choose to include framing or mounting in your sale price. If your artwork is not framed or mounted, but the buyer requests a frame or mount, the pricing for this will be quoted on a case by case basis, dependent on the buyer's requirements.

Our sales commission is payable for on successful sale of original artwork and open or limited editions of artwork.

Go Figurative usually covers the costs of packaging, insurance and transportation to the buyer in the UK.


Our Sales Commission for Sales other than through the Website

Where we recommend your artwork to a buyer or where you participate in an event or exhibition staged by Go Figurative, our sales commission upon a sale will be 45% plus VAT of the sale price of the artwork.  Separate terms and conditions apply and these will be provided to you prior to you submitting art for inclusion in an event or exhibition.