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Angela Brittain

Angela Brittain


Preferred Medium: 
Oil or acylic
Preferred Style: 
I am an artist who has a graphic style with a strong eye for colour and composition
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
I have exhibited in London, the south of England and Italy and my work is in collection in all three areas. I have won awards for my work and do part-time teaching on a one-to-one bases.
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
I worked for a number of years in London as a graphic designer and illustrator and my work has usually been about people in their environment. I am particularly interested in the different viewpoint people have when in the same situation. My work starts with an idea or an observation , followed by sketches and photographs. I then work up scamps in colour, enlarge to full size and perfect the drawing.The whole process takes about three weeks whilst the final painting may only take three or four days.
Formal Training: 
Epsom School of Art & Design
Marketing Degree
Informal Training: 
A lifetime of sketching
Other influences: 
I attend the Royal Academy drawing school and several one-day life classes regularly to top-up my drawing skills.
Admired Artists: 
Sir Stanley Spencer, Mick Rooney RA, Giovani Maranghi and Edward Burra.
Role of figurative art: 
Figurative art comes and goes in fashion. Since the birth of photography, the role of the figurative artist is to show the soul behind the eyes - the character behind the physical shape.
Favorite Gallery: 
The Mall Gallery
Other Interests: 
Studying Italian and the italian culture as I have a house in Abruzzo. Keeping fit as this keeps me optimistic and my energy levels high.
A one line summation of your relationship to art: 
Art is my life after my family.