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Gill Bustamante

Gill Bustamante


Preferred Medium: 
Preferred Style: 
contemporary, figurative, impressionist
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
I can paint anyting from formal portraits in oil, watercolour, pastels etc to slightly abstract. I paint animals and horses in backgrounds that fit the story I have created around them so that even though the animal is anatomically correct - it is not traditional. My paintings have been described by others as 'not quite of this world but not too far out of either'
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
I was captivated by Rolf Harris and Tony Hart as a child - they were around on TV from early days. I loved felt pens and Blue Peter and sticky backed plastic. I entered all the art competitions I could, and won some of them. My father tells a story that when I was 5 I drew a picture of our house in crayons and pencil and then threw it away. He found it in the bin and entered it in a school art competition where it won first prize. It was still wrinkled where I'd screwed it up and I was still in shock when they gave me the prize (a book token) I drew or painted almost daily as it was the only thing I was confident I could do better than most people around me. I continued to draw and paint and don't suppose I'll stop - especailly as now I teach art aswell and can see other people also getting nthe same joy from creation.
Formal Training: 
foundation - Chelsea
Fine Art degreee - Brighton
Informal Training: 
copying animals and horsesd from encyclopedia's
Other influences: 
Monet, Bonnard, Klimt, Vrugal, Stubbs, Burne Jones and many others. The police horses behind the college, the stuffed animals in the natural history museum, Scientology, google, Manchester Indie music, Sussex landscapes and life generally.
Admired Artists: 
Burne Jones
Role of figurative art: 
To lead people into other worlds and give them new and better realities and uphold the role of the artist as a skilled creative professional and not a drugged up conceptual bum with no actual talent.
Favorite Gallery: 
Other Interests: 
Fast cars, rabbits, my family, chocolate cake, travelling, Indie music, fantasy books, other people and Scienotology (which I have studied for more that 25 years and which has probably helped me evolove as an artist more than all other influences)
A one line summation of your relationship to art: 
It is the carrot to my donkey