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madeline downham

madeline downham


Preferred Medium: 
Preferred Style: 
Loose and flowing with detailed focal points, representational
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
I have a diverse range of styles and have learnt to trust my mood regarding them. Although my work is (to date) always representational, and the work shown here is linked by common traits, I do also work in a far more decorative style. I love my subjects and aim to capture the elements which attract me. Wether its the flourish of a movement or the way they hold light, I feel no need to abstract them, only to draw attention to them.
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
Trying to draw a face with eyes that had lashes, lids and brows, I was very small. Then there were nostrils ........
Formal Training: 
foundation course
Informal Training: 
mostly self taught
Admired Artists: 
Maxfield Parrish, Gustave Klimt, Rodin, Leighton, Munnings
Other Interests: 
A one line summation of your relationship to art: 
Its part of me