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Sally Vaughan

Sally Vaughan


How are you involved in making Go Figurative work?: 
I co-founded Go Figurative with Janine Collins in November 2008. My role is to identify talent and build the business.
Preferred Medium: 
Preferred Style: 
Extent of art knowledge : 
Learning all the time. Art History as part of Diploma in Fine Art. Wrote about Art of the Holocaust in my Fine Art Diploma paper
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
Was always considered 'Good at Art' at school, but that is as far as it goes. My creativity has been expressed in my career through building brands, brand and product awareness.
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
Always drawing, making parents and family sit for hours as I drew them. Making abstract patterns from doodles. Was awarded silver prize in primary school drawing competition. Did O level Art with no preparation. Did A Level art through evening classes while studying for my business degree. Have continued to sketch, sculpt and paint.
Formal Training: 
VP Marketing CNN EMEA, VP Marketing ESPN, Asia
BAe Undergraduate and Graduate Commercial Training Programme with BA (Hons) Business Studies
Diploma Fine Art, Hampstead School of Art
Informal Training: 
Sculpture, Heatherley's School of Fine Art
Other influences: 
Interested in Art Therapy. For my Fine Art Diploma paper I explored the motivation for painting and concluded that one of the reasons people paint is to feel more 'alive' as the creative process in itself is a spiritual one. I am fascinated by the artists of the Holocaust, people who, even in the most inhumane circumstances, secretly painted in a form of 'spiritual resistance'. Portraiture became particularly important as a way of recording people's existence.
Admired Artists: 
Pierre Bonnard
Tai-Shan Schierenberg
Auguste Rodin
Gerhard Richter
Role of figurative art: 
To engage and captivate. To inspire awe. To make sense and yet pose questions. To generate an emotional response.
Favorite Gallery: 
Tate Britain
Other Interests: 
Sculpture, tennis
A one line summation of your relationship to art: 
Co Founder Go Figurative